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1. Presession Meeting - Goals

  • Determine Process
  • Set Goals
  • Determine Level of Folks to Attend
  • Determine Appropriate Representation at All Levels

2. Bounding the Session

  • Clarify Project Boundaries
  • Execute Process Quickly
  • Reduce the Number of Requirements
  • Use as Leverage When Participants Get Off Track

3. Brainstorming

  • Rapidly List Requirements
  • Involve All Participants
  • Get Group's Best Initial Thinking

4. Organize and Name

  • Save Time
  • Obtain Better Grasp of Requirements
  • Push Intuitions of Team
  • Reveal New Relationships
  • Reveal Where More Data is Needed
  • Determine Consensus of the Team

5. Get the Details

  • Determine Evidence of Success/Acceptance Criteria of Each Requirement
  • Determine the Intent of Each Requirement
  • Determine Requirements That Are Out of Bounds of the Project

6. Prioritize

  • Determine Rough Order of Importance
  • Develop Consensus
  • Cause Feeling of Readiness for Action

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